Quality control

Managing the quality in the food industry is a very critical process.


Managing the quality in the food industry is a very critical process. Of course, this is also the case in the egg business. For that reason, performing and registering measurements and test results for specific lots happens at different locations and different moments in the production process.

HACCP, SQF, BRC and IFS all have in common that you need to take samples, do tests and store the results related to batches or processes through the complete supply chain.

OVO-Vision has an industry specific set of tests and samples predefined.

However, additions can be included:

  • Every lot number has its own QA Status; the QA status can be updated by the user; depending on the QA status a lot number can be blocked for further processing
  • Production measurements such as Pasteurizer temperature and dry matter can be registered in OVO-Vision
  • Per customer/item quality specifications will be set up in OVO-Vision; the quality specifications describe how a product has to be delivered to customer. This includes the physical, chemical, microbiological values of product, but also restriction to the eggs that can be used
  • Farm sample will be generated from the flock activity list; ad hoc farm samples can be generated at any moment
  • For finished good samples that need to be taken on a weekly base a sample can be created in the system; the sample will be tight to the lot number; samples that are planned in the routing of the production process will be generated during the registration of the output
  • The traceability information will be built up automatically through the lot numbers; for the auditors, reports will be available with for them relevant data
  • For egg products often certificates of analyses need to be delivered; with the implementation OVO-Vision certificates will be prepared by the system based on the shipment, the quality specification and the values of the tests; when a certificate is issued, the certificate will be saved by the customer

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